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[35202/1528] Aura of Va'Ker Rk. III
Classes: BRD/100
Skill: Singing, Max Focus: 280%
Target: Self
Resist: Beneficial, Blockable: Yes
Focusable: Yes
Casting: 3s, Recast: 1.5s
1: Aura Effect: Aura of Va'Ker Effect III (PCIObBrdS20L100AuraSpellDmgRk3)
Increases your companions' attack speed, spell damage, attack rate, and chance to flurry as long as they stay inside the area of the aura.

[35205] Aura of Va'Ker Effect III
Target: Single
Range: 100'
Resist: Beneficial, Blockable: Yes
Focusable: Yes
Casting: 0s
1: Increase Spell Damage by 30% (Before DoT Crit, After Nuke Crit)
2: Increase Melee Haste v3 by 25%
3: Limit Effect: Current HP
4: Limit Max Level: 100 (lose 5% per level)
5: Limit Type: Detrimental
6: Limit Target: Exclude Caster AE
7: Limit Target: Exclude Caster PB
8: Limit Target: Exclude Target AE
9: Limit Type: Exclude Combat Skills
10: Increase Chance to Triple Attack by 25%
11: Increase Chance to Flurry by 20%
12: Increase Pet Chance to Flurry by 26%
Increases the damage of your companions' spells by $1%. This bonus will decay on spells over level #4. This aura also increases your companions' attack speed, their chance to triple attack, and the chance for they and their companions to flurry.

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