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[43687/13642] Distasteful Bargain Rk. III
Classes: SHD/104
Skill: Conjuration
Mana: 100
Restriction: Mana Above 10 Percent
Target: Caster PB
AE Range: 40'
Resist: Disease -100
Reflectable: Yes
Trigger Spell DS: Yes
Focusable: Yes
Casting: 0.75s, Recast: 30s, Timer: 5, Rest: 1.5s
Hate: 20482
Recourse: Distasteful Reflection
1: Increase Hate by 1
2: Decrease Current HP by 5333
You strike a dangerous bargain, inflicting up to @2 damage on all targets around you and greatly increasing their hatred. Your mana and endurance will be sapped for each target that is struck in this manner. You must have more than 10% of your mana available to cast this spell.

[43688] Distasteful Reflection
Restriction: Cannot Remove
Target: Self
Resist: Beneficial, Blockable: No
Focusable: No
Casting: 0s
1: Decrease Current Mana by 280
2: Decrease Current Endurance by 38
You pay off your bargain with the loss of #1 mana and #2 endurance.

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