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[50238/14660] Chaotic Venom
Classes: SHM/104
Skill: Conjuration
Mana: 587
Target: Single
Range: 200'
Resist: Unresistable, No Sanctification
Reflectable: No
Focusable: Yes
Casting: 0.1s, Recast: 42s, Timer: 17
Duration: 6s+ (1 ticks) Song, Dispelable: Yes
Hate: -1
1: Cast: Reef Crawler Blood (Highest Rank)
2: Cast: Nectar of Woe (Highest Rank)
3: Cast: Reefmaw's Bite Chance (10% Chance)
4: Cast: Serisaria's Spear of Venom Chance (10% Chance)
Casts the highest rank you know of Reef Crawler Blood and Nectar of Woe on your target, with an additional #3% chance to cast the best rank you know of Reefmaw's Bite and a #4% chance to cast the best rank you know of Serisaria's Spear of Venom.

Spells are shown as if they were cast by a level 110 player (their strength may differ at other levels). Source code for this spell parser is available on github. The standalone parser can be downloaded here.