Help Keep the AA Database Up To Date

Unlike spells, AA data is not distributed with the game and is not easily available. With help from mackal and kauffman12, I now have a process for extracting AA data from packet captures.

You can help if you have:

  • A max level character with full AA (or mostly full AA). It helps if you've bought a lot of glyphs because after a /resetaa you will have more AA to spend.
  • Wireshark installed on your computer and enough know-how on how it works. Wireshark captures all communication between your computer and the internet while it is running. So for your own security please close your browser, email, dropbox and any other apps you have running before using it.

The process:

  1. Copy your character to the test server by using the /testcopy command or to the beta server by using the /beta command.
  2. Log in to the test or beta server.
  3. Start the Wireshark capture while at the character selection screen. If you already had it running then stop it and start it again.
  4. Load your character into the game and make sure you don't zone at any time during the next steps.
  5. Use the /resetaa command to reset your AA to 0. Full AA data can only be captured while purchasing AA.
  6. Purchase all AA skills. You can use the the "Buy All" button to speed things up.
  7. After you have purchased all AA, stop the Wireshark capture and save it.
  8. Email the saved Wireshark capture to me at and please include a note to let me know which class it is for. The file should only be a few MB in size.
  9. That's it. Thanks for contributing :)

Update status:

Class Updated Updated To Total AA Autogrant
Bard 2019-12-16 (169 days ago) ToV 36529 13131
Beastlord 2019-12-15 (170 days ago) ToV 44218 16374
Berserker 2019-12-07 (178 days ago) ToV 36179 11170
Cleric 2019-12-16 (169 days ago) ToV 36324 14037
Druid 2019-12-16 (169 days ago) ToV 42126 15385
Enchanter 2019-12-15 (170 days ago) ToV 38032 14516
Mage 2019-12-16 (169 days ago) ToV 42016 15926
Monk 2019-12-15 (170 days ago) ToV 37001 12581
Necro 2019-12-16 (169 days ago) ToV 44552 15709
Paladin 2019-12-16 (169 days ago) ToV 41045 14820
Ranger 2019-12-16 (169 days ago) ToV 41536 15893
Rogue 2019-12-16 (169 days ago) ToV 35982 11591
ShadowKnight 2019-12-15 (170 days ago) ToV 47021 16433
Shaman 2019-12-16 (169 days ago) ToV 46728 15684
Warrior 2019-12-15 (170 days ago) ToV 30445 11087
Wizard 2019-12-15 (170 days ago) ToV 39099 11818
18393 AA skills in the database, 0 invalid