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[22332] Barkskin
Target: Target Group
Range: 200', AE Range: 200'
Resist: Beneficial, Blockable: Yes
Focusable: No
Casting: 0s
Duration: 42s (7 ticks), Dispelable: Yes
9: Absorb Spell Damage: 50%, Total: 1500
10: Absorb Melee Damage: 50%, Total: 1500
11: Cast: Barkskin Rejuvenation on Fade
Covers your group in a protective coating that mitigates incoming damage. When the protection is broken, you are healed and blessed with a natural rejuvenation which decreases the cast time of spells.

[22333] Barkskin Rejuvenation
Target: Self
Resist: Beneficial, Blockable: Yes
Focusable: No
Casting: 0s
Duration: 24s (4 ticks), Dispelable: Yes
Max Hits: 2 Matching Spells
1: Increase Spell Haste by 15%
2: Limit Max Level: 85 (lose 5% per level)
3: Limit Effect: Current HP
4: Limit Max Duration: 0s
5: Limit Min Level: 75
6: Limit Spell: Exclude Complete Heal
7: Limit Type: Exclude Combat Skills
8: Limit Min Casting Time: 0.75s
9: Limit Min Mana Cost: 10
10: Limit Effect: Exclude Current HP Percent
11: Increase Current HP by 1833
Blesses you with a natural rejuvenation, reducing the cast time of spells you cast.

[13] Complete Heal
Classes: CLR/39
Skill: Alteration
Mana: 400
Target: Single
Range: 100'
Resist: Beneficial, Blockable: Yes
Focusable: Yes
Casting: 10s, Recast: 1.5s, Rest: 1.5s
1: Increase Current HP by 7500
Completely heals your target of all wounds up to 7500 hit points.

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