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/alt actNameLevelCostRecastEffects
Blessing of the Devoted (1)1 ALL (EQ)0 / 0-1: Reduce Lesson of the Devoted Timer by 5h
2: Reduce Infusion of the Faithful Timer by 5h
3: Reduce Chaotic Jester Timer by 5h
4: Reduce Expedient Recovery Timer by 41h
5: Reduce Steadfast Servant Timer by 5h
6: Reduce Staunch Recovery Timer by 17h
7: Reduce Intensity of the Resolute Timer by 60m
8: Reduce Throne of Heroes Timer by 18m
9: Reduce Summon Personal Tribute Master Timer by 5h
10: Reduce Summon Resupply Agent Timer by 5h
11: Reduce Summon Clockwork Banker Timer by 5h
12: Reduce Summon Permutation Peddler Timer by 5h
13: Reduce Armor of Experience Timer by 5h
This passive ability reduces the reuse time of the following abilities by 25%:

AA list updated Dec 16, 2019. The AA data on this site is collected with help from mackal and kauffman12.