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/alt actNameLevelCostRecastEffects
593Breath of Venesh (1)1 ALL (SoL)0 / 05m T22Cast: Breath of Venesh I
Grants you the ability to call upon your dragon bloodline to unleash a breath attack upon your foes, damaging them and reducing their resistance to poison.
Item: Breath of Venesh (5)1 ALL (EQ)0 / 0-1: Increase Current HP by 110 per tick
2: Decrease Current Mana by 22 per tick
3: Decrease Current Endurance by 22 per tick
This passive ability increases your hitpoint regeneration by 110 points while lowering your mana and endurance regeneration by 22 points.

Activate items with this effect to progress this ability.

AA list updated December 2023 (thank you Szilent).