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/alt actNameLevelCostRecastEffects
483Chaotic Jester (1)1 ALL (DoN)0 / 020h T25Cast: Chaotic Jester
Chaotic Jester, when activated, summons a jester from Bristlebane's court that spreads mirth for up to 15 minutes or until you zone.
The Jester will perform one of the following acts every 30 to 60 seconds on one lucky adventurer within 150 feet:
*%R*#2%N - Instantly restores *%R*#2#1 health.

*%R*$2%N - Instantly restores *%R*$2#1 mana and endurance.

Bristlebane's Diminution - Shrinks the target down to 3 feet tall.

Bristlebane's Expansion - Grows the target up to 9 feet tall.

Bristlebane's Alteration - Causes the target to take the appearance of a creature found in your current zone.

Bristlebane's Cornucopia - Grants the target a stack of 10 Bristlebane's Bread or Bristlebane's Wine with the potential for the food and drink to be poisoned!
Bristlebane's Bread, when activated blesses the target with *%R*#3%N or curses them with *%R*$3%N.
Bristlebane's Wine blesses the target with *%R*#4%N or curses them with *%R*$4%N.

Bristlebane's Celebration - Performs a dazzling display of fireworks.

Bristlebane's Hilarity - Shares a comical joke that all are guaranteed to enjoy.

AA list updated December 2023 (thank you Szilent).