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/alt actNameLevelCostRecastEffects
5302Glyph of Destruction (85-99) (1)85 ALL (SoD)30 / 3010m T31Cast: Glyph of Destruction III
*@%N, when activated, grants a *@#1% non-cumulative increase to your critical melee damage, increases your pet's critical melee damage by *@#3%, your base melee damage by *@#6%, the chance that your healing and damaging spells will apply critically by *@#4%, your critical spell damage by *@#10%, and the chance your pets will score a critical melee hit by *@#2% for *@%Z and persists through death.
This buff does not stack with *6886%N.
This ability can be activated from levels 85-99 after which point you will need to buy the level 100 rank.

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