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2 results (costing 45 AA points).

/alt actNameLevelCostRecastEffects
1116Reaver's Bargain (2)105 SHD (TBM)25 / 4520m T17Cast: Reaver's Bargain II
This ability, when activated, consumes 4500 endurance every 6 seconds, absorbs 75% of incoming melee damage that exceeds 25000 damage per hit up to 1500000 total damage, absorbs 1% of incoming melee damage with your mana, and increases the amount of damage you can take before dying after falling unconscious at 0 health by 50000 points for 2 minutes 30 seconds.
This ability cannot be removed early and will trigger Reaver's Exhaustion if your endurance or mana drop below 10%, which removes Reaver's Bargain and drains your remaining mana and endurance.
1116Reaver's Bargain (1)100 SHD (TBM)20 / 2020m T17Cast: Reaver's Bargain I
Reaver's Bargain I, when activated, consumes *%R#1 endurance per second, increases your unconscious health by 40000 points, and absorbs 500% of incoming damage with your mana at a rate of 100 damage to 4000 mana, while also granting a rune that protects against incoming melee hits that inflict at least 10000 damage, absorbing 75% of the damage that exceeds 10000 for 2.5 minutes. This rune can absorb a total of 167000 damage before fading.

Reaver's Bargain I can only be activated if you are above 20% mana and endurance, and cannot be manually removed early, but will trigger Reaver's Exhaustion should your mana or endurance drop below 10%, which ends the bargain and drains your remaining mana and endurance.

AA list updated December 2023 (thank you Szilent).