About this Site

RaidLoot.com was created in 2007 with the goal of providing the EQ community with data-driven information that was easily searchable and presented in an info rich format rather than optmized for advertising page views. I hope you enjoy the no nonsense approach.

This site would not be possible without spell and item databases from Lucy/Allakhazam and EQItems.

The spell data on this site comes from the open source EQSpellParser project that I maintain with lots of help from Beimeith.

The AA data on this site comes from the open source eqaainfo project maintained by kauffman12/Kizant. This is based on earlier help from the EQEmu team.

The log parser used here is based on the open source EQLogParser project that I maintain.


I can be reached by email at contact@raidloot.com.