Log Parser (Beta)

The log parser system here lets you publish your fights to a webpage and easily share them with group or raid members in a private channel. You can use the parser app or upload your log file manually.

View a sample channel.

You don't have any channels. If you are running the parser app, click the "View Channel" button in the app to access your channels.

How does it work?

To start, download and install the log parser app. The log parser is open source if you're curious to see how it works or if it can be trusted.

You can also upload your log file directly, but this method is less flexible.

The app will scan your EQ log files and build summaries of your fights and upload them to this website. You can choose either automatic or manual upload mode depending on how much data you want to share.

Once you have uploaded some fights, they will appear in your "channel" on this website. The channel serves as a way to keep your log parses private. To give people access to your parses you will need to share the channel link with them. Your channel will keep track of your parses for about 48 hours -- after that they get removed.

In addition to fights, the parser will also upload loot drops -- this information is only used to update the item drop database. Your looted items are not saved to your channel.

The parser collects data in aggregated 6 seconds intervals. That means you can't view hit-by-hit details or get as much information as you would if you ran GamParse. My intent is to fill the gap between the convenience of GamParse one-liners and the effort of everyone running a full log parse themselves.