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[11157/5150] Breath of Venesh I
Classes: ALL/254
Skill: Melee
Target: Directional AE (330 to 30 Degrees)
Range: 75', AE Range: 75'
Resist: Poison
Reflectable: No
Trigger Spell DS: No
Focusable: No
Casting: 0.5s
Duration: 18s (3 ticks), Dispelable: Yes
Hate: 1
1: Decrease Current HP by 7
2: Decrease Current HP by 4 per tick
3: Decrease Poison Resist by 5
Text: You are caught in a blast of poison!
Calls upon your dragon bloodline to breathe forth a blast of poison, causing #1 damage to everyone in front of you. Affected targets will take an additional #2 damage every 6 seconds and have their resistance to poison lowered for %z.

Spell list updated Oct 20, 2020