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[48768/5118] Protection of Direwood III
Classes: DRU/254
Skill: Melee
Mana: 1800
Target: Self
Resist: Beneficial, Blockable: Yes
Focusable: No
Casting: 0s
Duration: 2m (20 ticks), Dispelable: Yes
2: Add Defensive Proc: Protection of Direwood Jolt II with 450% Rate Mod
9: Absorb Melee Damage: 75%, Total: 16000
Text: Your skin turns hard as direwood.
*@%N, when activated, consumes mana to absorb *@#9% of incoming melee damage up to *@@9 total damage and provides a chance (with a *@$2% bonus) to trigger *@*#2%N on attackers when you are struck in melee combat, which reduces their hatred for you by *@*#2#1 points, for *@%Z.

[48782/14414] Protection of Direwood Jolt II
Classes: DRU/254
Skill: Melee
Target: Single
Range: 200'
Resist: Unresistable
Reflectable: No
Focusable: Yes
Casting: 0s
1: Decrease Hate by 1150
Reduces the target's hatred for you by #1 points.

Spell list updated Oct 20, 2020